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Student Motivation and Engagement

Student engagement is one of the most reliable predictors of gains in learning for students1. The connection between young people’s engagement with school and their longer-term educational and occupational outcomes is well established. Students who are actively and authentically engaged with their schooling perform better academically and have a higher rate of school completion. Core… Read more »

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All About the School Community

It takes a village to raise a child.   We’ve all heard that proverb, but what does it mean? And what does it mean in 2017? In short, children have the best opportunity to become strong, confident and healthy adults if a range of people play a role in contributing to the child’s growth, education… Read more »

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The Subject Selection Process: How SSO can increase efficiency

Subject selection season inside school communities can be a dreaded time. Teachers and Head of Learning Areas managing complex and ever changing spreadsheets. Students misplacing and forgetting their forms. Parents not being aware of the pathways chosen by students. Notes not returned by deadline. Errors being made and missed on forms and spreadsheets. Students overlooking… Read more »


Student Led Conferences: Fresh Platform – Fresh Perspective

Parent Teacher Interviews are the ‘go-to’ structure when it comes to sharing a student’s growth and development with parents. It’s the tried and true method that we’ve all grown-up with. But can you imagine what could be learnt when we remove the “interview”? What will be revealed when you hand the reigns over to the… Read more »

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Meet Melissa – Our Jill-of-All-Trades

A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman – Melinda Gates. Here at CountryNet we have a strong team, consisting of many team members all committed to our cause. One of the leaders in our CountryNet team is our Operations Manager, Melissa Kendall. After 8 years with us, Melissa is our Jill-of-All-Trades… Read more »

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SSO – Referral Program

Get 50% off SSO for referring us to a new school Those of us familiar with SSO know the time and paper it saves, anxieties it eases and sophisticated rules it is capable of enforcing. In light of the fast-approaching subject selection season, we are offering existing customers a discount if they spread the word… Read more »



In what we suspect is an Australian first, we have launched a new grant program for schools around Australia, in a bid to help build school communities and ease the burden of paperwork on staff. We’d like to introduce you to the CountryNet Connected Communities Grant. Our CountryNet Connected Communities Grant presents a unique opportunity… Read more »

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Products vs Platform

During the Christmas and New Year break, it dawned on me that as much as I was away from the office and the staff were all enjoying their holidays with family, today’s interconnected world meant that I was never really unplugged and was hugely integrated into systems that I expected to seamlessly talk to each… Read more »

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Educonnex App Released

CountryNet Software presents its new Educonnex app CountryNet Software’s new Educonnex app helps improve relationships between schools and families. It’s my pleasure to introduce CountryNet Software’s new Educonnex app. The app fully integrates with our Educonnex school management platform and is specifically designed to improve communication between schools and families. Schools can easily communicate with… Read more »


CountryNet Connected Communities Scholarship

We are offering one budding Central Coast developer the opportunity to kick-start their programming career, with the CountryNet Software Connected Communities Scholarship. The scholarship, which is open to students who have completed their HSC at a Central Coast high school and have been accepted into a programming degree, will run for six months from July… Read more »

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    SSO – Enhanced Experience for All Users

    We’re so excited about this year’s first big upgrade! After 8 years of working with schools and gathering feedback about how we can help streamline the selection process, we’re launching the new version of SSO. There’s a lot of great things, but here are a few key areas to whet your appetite. Simplified Set-Up Process… Read more »

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    Subject Selection – Why do people still do this on paper?

    Hundreds of schools have reaped the time-saving benefits of SSO. One such example is Ocean Reef Senior High School, whose Deputy Principal Belinda Hall said “bringing SSO into Ocean Reef was a tremendous relief. It saved us time, reduced stress of staff and helped make the entire subject selection process smooth and efficient. I can’t… Read more »

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    PTO – Utilising the Class Multi-Book Function

      The flexibility and easily customisable functionality of PTO can be the key to hosting a successful event for parents and staff. Whether you’re planning a collective parent conference, one-on-one interviews with teachers, booking uniform shop visits or hosting any other event which requires parents to come into the school, you can use your PTO… Read more »

  • Pupils In Class Using Digital Tablet With Teacher

    Flip Classroom – Giving the Students Ownership of Learning

    The ideology of flip classroom is turning the traditional educational model of learning on its head. What is a flipped classroom? The flip classroom is a pedagogical model – changing the traditional method of a teacher initiating the first exposure to a new concept via a lecture or presentation and the student taking home work to assimilate… Read more »

  • Parent teacher interview

    How PTO Saves Time for Schools

    Parent Teacher Online (PTO) helps parents make bookings with teachers at the times they need. But PTO also helps school adminstrators and teaching staff by streamlining the process of organising parent-teacher school interviews. In this article we look at the specifics of how this works. Parent teacher interviews are an undeniably integral component of student… Read more »

  • School Terms Visualization

    New Australia-wide school terms visualization

    If you’d like to see how Australian Government School Terms for 2016-2017 line up across states, try this new visualization on our Australian school terms page. Have you ever tried to get information about school term start and finish dates? This can be difficult, especially if you need to see this for more than one… Read more »

  • CNSEdutech

    CountryNet is at eduTech

    Come and see us if you’re at eduTech – we’d love to see you!

  • PTO Mobile App

    PTO Mobile Apps Released

    We’re excited to announce that the mobile apps for PTO have now been released and are available for both Apple and Android. Parents can now choose to make bookings in PTO using their phone or tablet device or with their browser as usual. Information about the apps is displayed prominently on the login screen for… Read more »

  • CountryNetStatus

    New status page for CountryNet services

    We’re pleased to announce the availability of our new service status page at As our services have grown, both in customer base and types of services offered, it’s become necessary to have a single place where our customers can see the status of all our services. While we make every effort to keep everything… Read more »

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    Five significant challenges in education technology

    As modern day educators saturated in an ever-expanding world of technology we have had it firmly drummed into our agendas that our pedagogy and curricula need to incorporate technology in meaningful and effective and ways to meet the outcomes of our students. While we intellectually agree that this is a good and necessary practice, many… Read more »