Parent Teacher Online (PTO) helps parents make bookings with teachers at the times they need. But PTO also helps school adminstrators and teaching staff by streamlining the process of organising parent-teacher school interviews. In this article we look at the specifics of how this works.

Parent teacher interviews are an undeniably integral component of student development and an invaluable means of strengthening ties within the school community. However pervasive these attributes are, parent teacher interviews are often overshadowed by the arduous nature of their organisation. CountryNet Software’s flagship product Parent Teacher Online (PTO) has eased anxieties concerned with the process for schools the world over, facilitating over 10 million parent bookings and allowing thousands of staff and school administrators the time to focus on other worthwhile tasks. Here are some of the ways PTO can help your school save time.

1. Administrative tasks are simplified

Any school administrator who has organised a parent teacher event in the manual fashion will confirm the laborious nature of the process. From printing out booking forms, sending notes home with students, manually organising appointments, fielding calls from parents and organising make-up sessions; the exercise is physically taxing and time-consuming.
However, Principal of Rangeville State School Ben Kidd estimates that his administrative staff spent just five hours organising the process through PTO, as opposed to a month with paper-based methods. Principal Kidd also says that his office staff received a mere 10 parent phone calls across a school of 700 students.
PTO streamlines the set-up process by simply tasking organisers with extracting the student, parent, class and teacher links from their administration system, loading the information into PTO, setting up time slots in a matter of clicks, digitally distributing parent and teacher login information and opening up the access for users. An added time-saving bonus are the PTO support staff, who are able to assist with loading the data into your system within 24 hours.

2. Teachers can focus on teaching

Spending hours poring over notes, organising appointments based on parent preferences, avoiding clashes and making continual adjustments can divert teachers’ attention away from the interviews themselves.
Principal Kidd says that PTO greatly assists teachers, saving each of them a minimum of three to five hours and freeing up valuable time in the classroom. With PTO, teachers simply log in and set their availabilities, track bookings as they are made and access their booking schedule prior to the event. Parents can only access unbooked time slots, preventing clashes and negating the need for adjustments.

3. Parents complete process in a matter of clicks

Paper-based booking processes are often onerous for students and parents alike, with the former communicating their parents’ preferred times in an effort to secure time slots. This can lead to miscommunication, excessive back and forth and scattered timetables for teachers and parents.
PTO allows parents to control the booking process by retrieving credentials from the login page, making bookings for all their children’s’ classes through the same screen and sending their appointments directly to their inbox or calendar reminders. Because student/class/teacher information is pre-loaded, parents can make bookings by simply selecting their preferred times. The Automatic booking mode setting is particularly convenient for parents on the go, as it allows users to nominate a preferred start time and the teachers they wish to see, before formulating the most time-effective schedule.

To test drive just how simple the PTO booking process is, click here:

If you have any questions about how PTO can save time for your school, give the support team a call on (02) 4304 3000 today.

Laura Bradley

Laura is on the CountryNet customer support team. Her background is in public relations and marketing.

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Written by Laura Bradley

Laura is on the CountryNet customer support team. Her background is in public relations and marketing.

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