In what we suspect is an Australian first, we have launched a new grant program for schools around Australia, in a bid to help build school communities and ease the burden of paperwork on staff.

We’d like to introduce you to the CountryNet Connected Communities Grant.

Our CountryNet Connected Communities Grant presents a unique opportunity for eligible schools to work with our complete suite of administration platforms, including Educonnex, Subject Selection Online (SSO), Student Pathways Online (SPO) and Parent Teacher Online (PTO), at no cost for three years.

That’s not a typo. Eligible schools. No cost for three years.

I’m sure you’re asking, why?

Well, besides the fact that we’re innovators and want to promote innovation and the adoption of new technologies, our Grant was developed as part of our continual commitment to supporting the scholastic community.

We want to do everything that we can to help you build your school community and encourage communication between school community members.

2017 also sees us celebrating 20 years of CountryNet Software and we’ve decided to give you a present to celebrate. The gift of an open door to opportunity.

We want to allow schools to have access to a suite of sophisticated cloud-based software that wouldn’t normally have been accessible, such as Educonnex, SSO, SPO and PTO.

We pride ourselves on helping to build strong communities and nurturing our current community members and our future. We always strive to give back within the community. That is why the CountryNet Connected Communities Grant was developed.

Criteria of our Grant means that Australian schools with up to 150 students are automatically eligible for Connected Communities Grant but we’re encouraging schools with more students to apply. Each and every grant application will be considered on an individual basis. We may be able to assist those larger schools who don’t automatically qualify for our Grant with a different version.

We know the positive impact our school administration platforms have in the school community and we’d like to be able to help everyone in the school community do what they do best. Our platforms, via the CountryNet Connected Communities Grant, will help teachers teach, students learn and administrators do their job without headaches and paperwork.

That’s why. We’re really excited and we’d like to be able to help as many schools around Australia as possible. To apply for CountryNet Connected Communities Grant today, please visit

Do you know a school community who should apply?

Martijn Schiferli

Martijn is the CEO at CountryNet Software. He has extensive experience in managing large-scale web application deployments.

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Written by Martijn Schiferli

Martijn is the CEO at CountryNet Software. He has extensive experience in managing large-scale web application deployments.

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