Simon Totonjian

Simon is the Chairman and founder of CountryNet. With his background in financial services Simon has owned and operated various businesses since 1987. He is passionate about education and governance and has sat on three school boards, chairing two of those. Simon's vision for CountryNet is for the company to be the premium provider of cloud-based education services.

Melissa Kendall

Melissa is the Operations Manager at CountryNet Software. Melissa brings her extensive experience in banking and finance to the team.

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Vanessa Barrett

Vanessa is Head of Implementation at CountryNet Software. Vanessa has worked in the private and public sector for over 10 years and has brought her skills to implementations since the start of 2016. Vanessa has been with CountryNet since 2012 and has worked within our AU and UK offices.

Zaac Totonjian

Zaac joined CountryNet Software in 2013 and has an extensive background in customer relations, team management and strategic planning. Zaac is responsible for ensuring the highest efficiency and client service in Support Services – he ensures that we maintain a strong service oriented approach.

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Aroha Kareroa

Aroha is CountryNet Software's Relationship Manager. Aroha brings with her, her passion and experience with customer service and aims to develop customer relations between CountryNet and our customers.

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Verena Pirnbacher

Verena joined CountryNet Software in September 2016 and has a background in Applied Knowledge Management and brings with her extensive experience in technical and marketing communications. She is responsible for all aspects of product management and ensures the delivery of high-quality products that meet our customers' needs.

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Laura Bradley

Laura is on the CountryNet customer support team. Her background is in public relations and marketing.

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Martijn Schiferli

Martijn was previously employed by CountryNet Software from 04/14 - 10/07/17. He has extensive experience in managing large-scale web application deployments.

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Lachlan Brown

Lachlan was previously employed by CountryNet Software from 14/12/2015 - 12/07/2017. He completed his Bachelor of Business with a major in Marketing and worked on our Support Desk and Marketing team.

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Rod Burke

Rod was previously employed by CountryNet from 10/05/2005 - 17/12/2016. His background is in software/web/database design and development at CountryNet and prior to that at finance, software and manufacturing firms.

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Geoff Lamrock

Geoff was previously employed by CountryNet Software, from 11/03/13 - 30/06/16. Geoff has a background in software development for high-volume financial markets

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Lyn McLean

Lyn was previously employed by CountryNet from 10/11/13 - 25/05/16. Lyn has extensive experience as a senior school administration manager and product management - overseeing product content and functionality.

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Seung-wun Yi

Seung-wun Yi is Director and Founder of Sky Academy. Seung-wun Yi is a Mathematics teacher with the Department of Education and Communities NSW and is the founder and creator of - a flipped classroom website for senior high school students doing Mathematics courses for the NSW Higher School Certificate. If you would like to contact Seungyi about integrating technology in your classroom practice you can contact him at

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